What is Ipozon Booster?

Maybe you have ever thought about what wonderful it could be if setting your scooter with an electric motor, an engine.

Whether it is come out from a fantastic idea or for funny DIY, or that can riding your little engine scooter between home and skate park to save time, or something else. Even though you never even thought about that.

Anyway, Ipozon make it real, we bring it to you!

Ipozon Booster is an electric power device, creative for pro scooter especially. It was launched to help you who own a pro scooter to DIY from A to B, to discover possible and make your life easy & fast. Meanwhile, to switch an electric scooter with the minimum cost.

To Infinity and Beyond! "Staying hungry, Staying foolish." We have been thinking about scooters and the potential possibility of the scooter. The central point of all our scooter booster ideas is to bring more fun and possibilities to consumers.

Our journey began in 2018 with a simple idea: to create pro scooters' electric engine system, that users take off the rear wheel and installation, they will get a new function from pro scooter to electric scooter!

It is a challenging research and development. Repeated testing in two years makes it perfect through ongoing efforts by three versions.

It does not conflict with pro scooter. These are two completely independent products. But when you need a faster and simpler life, take off the pro scooter rear wheel and install it.

Whether the 12km mileage, the max 20km / h speed, or detachable battery, it will significantly fast your travel. Ipozon scooter booster adds your pro scooter more functions based on your need.

We believe that the journey to achieve this DIY and experience Ipozon booster is exciting and interesting. Join us in the creative, share your ideas, insights, fun, tips, anything, etc.

All of which help us create new products and help others get a simpler lifestyle.

Thanks for your time.